Tuesday, February 5, 2008

finding my voice....

As I am writing this, Caleb is just talking away. Here in about the past week he has found his voice. He has also started blowing bubbles with his drool, it is SOOOO stinking CUTE!!!!

Today is my birthday. Matt got me a Sony CyberShot camera that is AWESOME!! I have already been snapping pictures. I am sure Caleb appreciates the camera too, since he is the main thing I take pictures of.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Feeding Myself!

Well this will be my first attempt at writing on this blog. Out of nowhere this morning, Caleb reached up and grabbed his bottle while I was feeding him. He took it upon himself to hold the bottle all by himself for the rest of the time he was eating. When the nipple would get empty he would tilt the bottle back just like a big boy!! It's amazing how fast he is growing. I feel like I go to work and when I come home he has changed in another way. This time I was there and we caught some pictures. He's such a cute little boy and is growing up right in front of us.

Sweet Feet

I am getting so big!!!


I just feel so blessed. I have perfectly healthy baby, a loving husband, a good job, a brand new house and car. I am just humbled as I sit here thinking about how blessed beyond what I deserve.
I have been doing a lot of reading. Blogs, magzine articles, and websites about parenthood, and everthign that comes along with it. Today I have read 4 articles about miscarriages and stillborn birth. Matt and I are so blessed. I guess I am putting that out in the universe so I don't feel so guily about having Caleb.
I promise that my next blog will be more uplifting.