Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Getting Ready for Disney

Nothing new to really blog about.  We leave for Disney World in a few days, so I am running around feeling very over whelmed trying to get things packed and in order for a week vacation.  I have to pack for myself, Caleb, and Matt.  This will be Caleb's first time on a plane, and out first time with a three year old on a plane.  So I am trying to think about what to bring to keep him entertained things like
  1. snacks
  2. color and coloring books
  3. movies to watch on our iPhones
  4. Books
anything else..... I am up for suggestions. I am a little nervous about the plane ride.  But I can't begin to explain how excited  I am about going.  I am looking forward to seeing the look on Caleb's face when he see the castle, Mickey Mouse, Buzz Lightyear and I can't wait to buy Caleb his first set of ears. It is going to be so fun!  I am sure I will have a TON of pictures and video when we get back!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Black Friday

I was scheduled to work on Black Friday and I was a little disappointed I wasn't going to get to go shopping.  But to my surprise I was able to be put on call at work and made a MAJOR dent in my Christmas shopping! Caleb will have a very good Christmas this year!  So far he is getting an iron man that walks and talks, an Imaginext Bat cave, a MobiGo and some fun clothes. 


I need to get some more stocking stuffers and just a few more little things but Caleb is done for the most part.  On the other hand Matt is so stinking hard to buy for. He won't give me any ideas as to what he would like.  Me on the other hand have a little list and hope to get anything or all of it :)

Christmas is so fun this year!