Sunday, August 31, 2008

Chicken Lo Mien

We had chicken lo mien last night for dinner. Caleb loved it! He really liked the veggies. So much that he had double servings. After dinner he had to get another bath because the had noodles in his hair! At first he didn't really like me cleaning him up, but one daddy started making silly faces and taking pictures Caleb started posing for the camera! I just can't get enough of this kid!!

Wife, Mother, Student

To say the least I am a bit overwhelmed right now. For those who don't know I started nursing school last Monday. I finished my first week!!! They threw so much information at us. Between the projects, check offs, clinicals, and exams I am asking my self what did I get my self into? I know that I will get threw this; I just need to take it one day at a time. I am blessed with a wonderful support system to help.
I am worried that I will be so focus on school that I am going to be neglecting my duties as a wife and mother. I don't want to miss any thing that Caleb does as he grows up. And I don't want Matt to feel ignored. I know that school is only temporary. Just remember to keep me and my family in your thought and prayers as we go throw this new adventure.

Matt is 26!!

Matt is 26. On his actual birthday we went to get a couples massage and had dinner at Reata. It was really nice to have a night that we went out by ourselves. We also went to Texas De Brazil with his parents and brother later in the week.

Bath Time

I just can't resist post pictures of Caleb in the sink. It is his favorite time of the day. He really likes taking a bath in our garden bathtub, but there are some night that we put him in he sink because it is so much easier on our back! He love to splash around and chew on the rags and toys. Caleb is a handful now when it comes to changing a diaper or getting dressed. He is all over the changing table, getting up on all fours, and wanting to crawl ever where. I hope you enjoy these pictures as much as I do!


Caleb spent the night with Mamaw, and on my way home from picking him up I stopped and got breakfast for everyone. Caleb has had a very good appetite, so this morning I decided to get him is own meal. Let me just say he loved it!!! He ate two pancakes all by himself. Here are a few picture of his feast!!!