Friday, September 4, 2009

Busy, Busy, Busy

So school has been kicking my butt, two weeks down only six more to go, in Pediatrics. Then OB starts. I am really looking forward to MAY!!!! And speaking of OB, it seems like everyone I know is having babies! :) Kinda makes me want another baby soon, but then I am reminded how wonderful a two year old act.

The two pictures below are of sweet baby Dax. My uncle matt and Jen had their second son a little over a week ago. Dax Patrick Friedman. He is a little bruiser compared to his brother Drew :) He sure is sweet.
Mamaw and Dax

My sister, Amanda, also had a baby about three weeks ago. I am finally an Aunt. Chace Joseph Krebs! He was 9lbs even. He is so stinking sweet!! I forgot how small newborns are. Mom and baby are doing great.

And finally tonight we celebrated my grandpa's 65th birthday at Outback. It was really nice seeing everyone. And this again was another reminder of why we are waiting to have another baby. Caleb was good for about the first 30 minutes and then it all went down hill from there. He was running and yelling, and acting like a little turd! But I do love him! We just don't go out to eat anymore. :) But that is a good thing ................. (new posts to come)