Saturday, October 3, 2009

2nd Birthday

September was a Very busy month for us. Caleb turned 2 on September 14. I just can't believe it! I still remember the day we found out we were pregnant. Time really does fly by. We were going to have his party at BearCat Park, but won't you know it, it was raining!!! I mean it was raining, from about Wednesday on. So we ended up having the party at our house again. He really seemed to enjoy it. So since it was his second birthday he had two cakes. One was an Elmo cupcake cake! I just loved it, thank you Wal-Mart :)

His second cake was a SpongeBob Square Pants cake. It was so cute too! Thank you NeNe for bringing it!

Let me just say Caleb is really loved! That boy racked in the presents! Which I am not complaining, I do have to say that two of his favorite gifts are in the picture below, the Buzz Lightyear PJ's that aunt tootie gave him. They are so cute the front looks like a Buzz, and they have "wings". Caleb run around the house with his arms out screaming " I fly! I fly!" He also loves his easel.

Taylor and baby Chace
Eating ice cream and cake! I love being 2!!!!!!

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