Wednesday, July 29, 2009

So Monday night was nothing unusual, I was home cooking dinner, Matt had picked up Caleb from school on his way home. So when the back door opened and I heard Matt say "give this to mama" I thought it was a picture he had made at school, or his progress note for the day. Needless to say I was so surprised when he handed me an iphone!

I had been bugging Matt for about the past week that I really wanted and iphone. I was looking on craigslist and ebay. Matt kept telling me that I should "wait to get one", "the one's that are already used are probably crap", etc etc. But the whole time he was already planning on getting me a new one! And I had no clue!

He normally tells me that I might have a surprise coming, and I pick and pick and pick until he finally tell me so I will quit bothering him. And then I feel bad because he wanted to surprise me and I didn't let him. Well I guess he got smart and didn't say anything. I was totally blown away and very happy!


Matt is such a good husband and father. Tomorrow we are going to go to the Dallas Summer Musical, Legally Blond. A couple of years ago we went to Wicked and it was amazing! I am really looking forward to it. I love getting to dress up and go out on the town. We don't do it very often so when it comes around I get really excited! Daniel is coming to watch Caleb, and I know they both will really enjoy it!

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