Sunday, August 2, 2009

Date Night

So Thursday after work Matt and I went to dinner and then to go see Legally Blonde the Musical. It was really nice getting dressed up and having a date night. We had dinner at our favorite restaurant Bob's Steak and Chophouse. I love their glazed carrot that comes with every meal! It is so stinking good!!! I had the fillet Minot, which is always very tender and to die for. As well as the glazed carrot and smashed potatoes.

Matt was in the mood for seafood so he ordered the shrimp scampi and the skillet potatoes. (I have to admit I ate his glazed carrot.) I have never had the skillet potatoes but, they lost me with the gravy the had on top of them.We were stuffed after dinner but against our better judgement we ordered chocolate mousse for dessert. If it had been a few degree cooler it would have been just like chocolate ice cream! It was divine but we couldn't finish it.
Here is my handsome husband. I love him so very much! He spoils me way to much

We had AWESOME seats at the musical! Six rows from the front and an aisle seat! Thank you Jonathan!! Even though we both had work the next morning and didn't get home until midnight, we had a really good time!!


jen + ryan said...

that dinner looks incredible!!!!

Jenny said...

OMG! I LOVE the carrot :) Their Lamb is mouth watering, but the carrot always hits the spot. It's a fav place of Josh and I...we should all go one night??