Saturday, November 27, 2010


Random thoughts running through my head

1. Keeping up with a three year old is very hard!  I have my limits tested on a daily bases.  My prayer recently is that God will give me the patience to deal with Caleb.  I know this is just a phase that he is going through. I just can't imagine having a new born anytime soon.

2. Christmas is going to be so fun this year.  Caleb is so into it! Which is a total change from the past two years. He loves Christmas music right now, he feel asleep listen to here comes Santa Clause on Matt's phone the other night. Sooo Cute.  He tells me every day that Santa Clause is coming down the chimney and bring him toys.  He also tells me that he is going to sit on Santa's lap and tell him that he is going to ask for an Iron man and Henry the train.  Of course we have not been to see Santa, so we will have to see how he dose.  But until then I am totally enjoying Christmas this year! 

Oh and I almost forgot, I bought Caleb some Christmas PJ's this past week and he has worn them every night.  The first night he wore them and loved them so much, that the next morning he won't take them off and asked to just get dressed over his PJ's.  Too sweet.

3. Tom Hanks is one of my favorite actors!!  He plays such a wide variety of characters. Love his movies!!! You've Got Mail, The Green Mile, Big, Angels and Demon's, Forrest Gump, Sleepless in Seattle, Cast Away, Toy Story, Turner and Hooch, etc. Love him!!!!

4. I think I am at peace if our house doesn't sell. 

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