Monday, January 3, 2011

Not a good Text

I got a text from my step mom today saying that my cousin's newborn son was in this hospital and had a breathing tube down his throat breathing for him.  Me being the nurse I am immediately knew that was NOT a good sign.

I called my dad when I got off work for more information. (this is all second hand information but you get the picture)  It all started about a two weeks ago the baby was congested so they took him to Cook's and were told the baby might have sleep apnea, and they needed to keep a close eye on him.

Well my cousin went to pick him up form my Aunt's house, she picked him up and he went limp. They started CPR and called 911!  I am not sure what all is going on but I do know he is in ICU at cook's and still on a ventilator. 

I can't imagine what my cousin must be going through..... I would be hysterical.  She has two other little boys at home so I am sure she is feeling overwhelmed. 

Prayers are greatly appreciated.

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WhisperingWriter said...

I will definately say a prayer. How scary.