Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Being a Home Owner

What the heck? Willow Park charges a 36.50 base rate for water. That is before we even use one drop of water. I think that is rediculous. But I guess that is just one of the pretty little perks we get for being a home owners.

On the subject of our home, I wish I could just blink and it would all be put together. Things have kind of come to a screeching halt since Matt has been working 6 days a week. But at least he is home every night. I am not looking forward to when he starts working nights. It is going to be very difficult.

Change of Subject: Caleb is the sweetest baby every!! He is getting so rollie. His little thighs and arms have creases all over them. When he smiles, which is all the time, it is nothing but gums and drool, it just melts my heart. I could just eat him up.

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