Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Peaches and Applesauce

Today we found out Caleb is not a big fan of peaches or applesauce. We started with applesauce. He had a few bites and then started gagging when I would try to give it to him. I have to admit it was really comical. Since he wasn't eating the applesauce I thought I wold try peaches, big mistake!!! The first spoon of peaches he was gagging and hacking like he was going to throw up. I tasted both and the apple sauce was OK, but I don't blame him for refusing the peaches.... they were disgusting. They were so bland I almost gagged.

I hope when he is a little older and has graduated to the 2nd step baby food he will like peaches and applesauce. It is really amusing watching him turn into a little person with his own likes and dislikes. Such as a pacifier, he will only take Avent pacifiers, which is the same brand his bottles are. Any other pacifier he spits out immediately. He also has a favorite toy on his toy bar, a sea horse, all the other toys he is interested in for a few minutes but that sea hose he could play with it for days.

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